A passage from Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums, adapted for a cinematography and compisition final. I didn't wanted to see how far I could push it without relying on grip gear or studio lighting, while still focusing on poetic framing, composition, and conveying a sense of presence between one and their environment. All was accomplished using a reflector, a LED Panel, a macro lens, a homemade snorri set up, and a very patient actor.

A profile of local artist Ann Salk Rosenberg

A Photo Poem

An experimental narrative documenting my experience on antidepressants. Shot on Tri-X 7226, and hand processed.

With this piece I was interested in investigating how identity is formed within social groups, so I staged a series of interviews with friends and coworkers and asked them a questions about their experiences with me, both positive and negative. I am the subject of this piece not out of narcissistic intent, but rather because couldn't think of anybody else I could ethically do this about.